Monday, 23 April 2012

Raku Leaf Vase and Ammonite Vase

Here are a couple of Raku fired pieces that I made recently.

I used some leaves from my garden to make the leaf design on the front. It was made by wrapping a soft slab around a cylinder, then after removing the cylinder, I pushed the top together and pushed a dowel right through to make the hole. A base was added and impressed decoration once the piece was a little firmer.

To decorate, I brushed copper carbonate onto the bisque fired surface then washed back a little so that the copper carb remained in the textured areas. The whole pot was then sprayed with a 'White Crackle' and glazed and fired to 1000deg cent in my raku kiln.

Raku Fired  'Leaf Vase' with White Crackle glaze and Copper Carb detail

Here is another piece I call the 'Ammonite Vase'...

Raku Fired 'Ammonite Vase' with White Crackle and Amethyst Glaze

Waiting for some fine weather to fire some more pieces that I have ready....

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