Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Studio is Finished

Well, its been a long process as we laid the concrete slab for my studio back in May, but my wonderful new space is now finished. I am so happy with it. It is bright, organised and a lovely inspirational place to create.

My husband Glen worked very hard whenever he had spare time to get the studio finished and he has done a wonderful job. The rusty iron inside on the back wall was sourced locally and I love how it looks. It has a lovely feel and looks great in our garden. It has plently of shelving, is bright, very organised, easy to keep clean and being in our garden, I can be in the studio while our little girl plays outside.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

'Tree of Life' Candleholder

I have not posted in a while as my husband and I have been putting alot of our spare time into building a new pottery studio in our garden. I have been doing my pottery in our garage but we desperately need our garage back for other things. I am very excited as it's nearly finished. Just have to add internal shelving and benches and a few cosmetic things to finish on the outside. Stay tuned, as I will post photos of the completed studio within the next week.

Here is a piece that I made recently. I love nature, so this is often reflected in my work. It was bisque fired then Raku fired. I used a white crackle glaze for the main glaze and a copper matt glaze was used for the leaves. For additional highlights I also used a red enamel paint for the centre of the flowers. This piece was made from a slab of clay folded around a pvc cylinder then I added additional elements from there. I enjoy making sculptural pieces but since I like to sell my work at markets, there is more demand for pieces that are also funtional. I plan to make others like this and want to experiment with making some that will hold more than two candles and that can accomodate tea light candles in some way. This piece will be for sale at next Picton Creative Traders Market on Sunday 2 October. Come along and have a look at his and other new work for sale.