Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Time to be Creative Again. Hooray!

After the madness of pre-Christmas making in the studio, it was actually nice not to be making anything for a few weeks. I am more than ready to get back out there now, with a heap of creative ideas that are ready to flow.

I am sure you can relate when I say that Christmas was both exhausting and fun at the same time. Lots of gatherings, shopping, organising, cleaning up, going away and coming home to unpacking etc. It never seemed to end. It's madness. Even though it was a hectic time, we spent some quality family time with each other, which after all is what Christmas is about.

After Christmas, my husband and I made a conscious effort whilst on holidays from work, to do all those big and little jobs around the house and garden that we had been aware that needed doing for some time. With only ten weeks until our baby is due, I can now get back into the studio knowing that the list of things to do - 'Has Been Done'! All my nesting around the house, has been satisfied lol.

I now have a new list. A wonderful list of 'Creative Things To Do' in the studio.

Looking forward to what this year will bring creatively and personally.

Hoping that you have a wonderful 2014 too.

On my Creative List to do this year - Raku Firing!