Thursday, 28 June 2012

Handprints in Clay

Here are some examples of some Clay Handprint Impressions I have done recently at my daughters local Day Care Centre. These lovely little treasures can be admired for years to come by parents and relatives. I have tried to keep them fairly inexpensive and at $35 each for what you see in the photos, so they are quite affordable too. The whole process is quite simple. I take along pre-rolled soft slabs to the day care centre and have the children press their hands straight into the soft clay. I then bring them home to trim and decorate. They take about a week to dry and are then fired twice in my kiln. I am looking at expanding to other day care centres in my area in the coming months. If you are interested in finding out more about these, please email me and I will be happy to answer any questions. Or call me direct on mobile 0418 180 636.

Clay Handprint Impression - Violet Underglaze and Clear Glaze

Clay Handprint Impression - Green Underglaze and Clear Glaze

Clay Handprint Impression - Cobalt Blue Underglaze and Clear Glaze

Clay Handprint Impression - Red Underglaze and Clear Glaze

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Botanical Theme Pinch Pots

I made a heap of these little pinch pots to sell at the markets. My inspiration came from doing a bit of gardening and appreciating all the different textures of the various plants in our garden. They are a nice little piece to sell, that can be used as a trinket bowl for rings, ear rings, paperclips etc. People don't seem to think much about parting with a few dollars as a pose to the more expensive pieces. I really enjoyed making them. Single fired to 1200 deg c, I underglazed the textured areas inside and then it wiped back to highlight the plant design, then a clear glaze was applied to the inside only. The underside was left unglazed, as I like the contrast to the glazed interior and also shows the fingermarks of the maker during the making process giving them a very earthy and handmade quality.

Here is the clear glaze recipe that I call 'Perfect Clear'.

Perfect Clear (can also be single fired)
Cone 5 -6

Soda Feldspar            40
Gerstley Borate           30
Ball Clay                     20
Silica                           10

It is good to brush on with a wide mop brush and seems to even out nicely during firing.

Small Botanical Pinch Pots single fired to Cone 6

Botanical Pinch Pots