Thursday, 14 February 2013

Back into Pottery Prior to a Road Trip

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since my last post. I trust everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I had a break from potting over Christmas and all of January. Been giving my dodgy shoulder (partial tear) a bit of a rest.

This week has been mental. We are heading off on a road trip to Melbourne in the morning and it's been a week of organising, appointments, decorating birds and pendants, packing and firing the kiln, packing the caravan and last minute housework ( I like coming home to a clean house).

Back into it the last couple of weeks. My first firing for the year was more of my little Australian Birds and just today I unpacked a load of Pendants and some more birdies. Some examples below. I have been working on some more varieties. More pics for follow after I get back from holidays.

Recently, on a visit to my husband's grandmother, I asked if she had any handmade lace or crocheted doilies that I have to use in my pottery work. She was very happy to know what I wanted to use them for and gave me a collection to take home. I am so happy to be using something so precious in my work that has a family history. I have used some to make some lovely marks on the pendants below.

Very excited to be leaving for Melbourne in the morning, but even better is that I discovered our trip coincides with the 'Pottery Expo'. It is held at Warrandyte on the banks of the Yarra River. I only realised it was happening after one of my friends from 'Mud Colony' mentioned it in a post. Thanks!
Why don't you catch up with the 'Mud Colony' family to see what everyone else has been doing.
Enjoy your weekend everyone. Until next time.