Tuesday, 28 February 2012

'Old Oil Cans'

I decided to make a series of 'Old Oil Cans' recently. I just finished glazing and firing them last week and pretty happy with the results. I put finishing them on hold to make more pieces for 'Articles Fine Arts Gallery' Exhibition to be held in March. I used a Cone 6 glaze called 'Floating Red' but instead of dipping the glaze, I sprayed a light coat which turned out better than expected and they look just like rusty oil cans. The finish is matt, dry and rough to touch. This glaze is usually a variegated iron red, yellow to black, semi gloss glaze. Yellow where thinner and black were thicker. I have two variations of this recipe in my book. I used the second one. As you can see from the recipe, it has few ingredients and like any other glaze, application is the key and by spraying this and perhaps a cooler top temp, I achieved a good result.

Recipe Name: Floating Red

Cone: 6 Color: multicolored w iron red
Firing: Oxidation Surface: Glossy
Amount Ingredient
                                                      Amounts I Used
55       Gerstley Borate—1999          48
15       Talc                                     13
30       Silica                                   26

15 Iron Oxide—Red                   13.0

Collection of Ceramic Oil Cans

Oil Can 1 with sprayed 'Floating Red' Cone 6 glaze

Oil Can 2

Oil Can 3

Oil Can 4

Oil Can 5

Oil Can 6

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Articles Fine Art Gallery - 32nd Anniversary Exhibition

I am very pleased to have been asked by Frances and John Vander of 'Articles Fine Arts Gallery' at Stanwell Park NSW to exhibit a series of my Raku fired pieces for their 32nd Anniversary Exhibition to be held on Saturday 3 March 2012.

I introduced myself to John at his gallery some weeks ago and explained what I do. He asked me to bring along some work to show him. Fortunately for me, he was pleased with my work and I am very proud to be apart of the show in March. Stanwell Park is only a half an hour drive from my home in Appin, so looking forward to a good business relationship with John and Frances in the future.

The series of work in the exhibition is called 'Sea Shells' and as you can tell by the name, the body of work is based on my love for nature and the sea. I love to wander along the beach and find little treasures as inspiration for my work.  The textures and colours of the rocks, sand, rockpools, seaweed and shells and I find beautiful and Raku firing my ceramics accentuates and compliments the pieces I make giving them a natural and earthy feel. 

Below are a some examples of my work that will be in the exhibition. There will be a number of well known  artists (unlike myself) featuring their work in March. If you have the opportunity, go along to see what is on offer. The program is also below for your information. There will be entertainment and refreshments. The coastal drive to Articles Gallery at Stanwell Park is very scenic and enjoyable. Don't hesitate to contact John or Frances on 02 4294 2491 for more information. Make a day of it.