Monday, 10 November 2014

Eastern Yellow Robin or Yellow Breasted Robin

Another new bird. The  Eastern Yellow Robin or Yellow-Breasted  Robin.

I have a bit of a love for all birds in general (bet you couldn't have guessed lol) but robins and wrens really make my heart sing! So here is another little robin that I am sure you will love too.

A little bit about this little fellow.

Distribution: The Eastern Yellow Robin is confined to the east and south-east of the Australian mainland. The range is mostly along the coastal and adjacent areas, but does extend quite large distances inland in some areas.
Habitat: Eastern Yellow Robins are found in a wide range of habitats, from dry woodlands to rainforests. They are also common in parks and gardens, and are usually first seen perched on the side of a tree trunk or other low perch.
Seasonal movements: Altitudinal migration to lower areas in winter.

Eastern Yellow Robin - Ceramic Bird, Handmade by Jan Wallace
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