Thursday, 16 May 2013

Two New Australian Birds to add to my Aussie Flock

Wow, I have just realised that it's been two months since my last post.  How time flies...

Since my last post, we have adopted a new dog who we call 'Ollie'. Ollie is about 12-15mnths old and quite frankly, a menace but Emily (our 3 yr old) loves him. He is the world's biggest chewer and despite having a box full of doggie toys, he has a particular fancy for shoes. We came home one day to a sea of trashed shoes on our patio, after he cleverly lifted the lid of our outdoor shoebox. I am not kidding when I say that I had to throw out twenty something shoes. We then bought a new shoebox complete with locking clips either side of the lid. Glen forgot to clip both sides one afternoon and there went my new joggers. Anyway, despite all of that he really is a nice dog, just a bit pesty. Which is why Ollie and Emily probably get along so well LOL. They seem to understand each other. PS. I quite like having a studio dog again too :)

My two studio pests. Not much room for me in there now days.

Recently, I made a conscious decision to spend less time on the computer to make for more time in the studio and to spend with Emily, so that's one of the reasons for my slackness in blogging. The other is that I now have a business relationship with a few boutique retail outlets, so I am busy making stock to keep them happy which is great. It goes to say though that having a 3 yr old in our house means my free time is limited. If Emily is not hanging off my leg, or having a melt down, I am actually trying to spend some quality time with her. Thank goodness, meltdowns are becoming less frequent. Phew. Then, there's the housework. If only I had a housecleaner..... keep dreaming Jan.

As a frequent stallholder at a craft market in Mittagong NSW, (link here Mittagong Markets), I have noticed a pattern and that is, that people don't want or don't have alot of money to spend at markets these days. So, now I tend to make alot of smaller pieces that I can keep under $20. I still make my one of artistic pieces and they are always going to be a passion of mine, but for markets, smaller and cheaper is better.

For those that don't already know, I make a variety of things out of mud, from functional pieces, to sculptural work and then there is my love of birds, plants and all things earthy and old looking. Here are two new hanging Australian birds for this weekends Mittagong Markets - The Kookaburra and the Magpie. Plus I have a heap of beautiful brooches along the same theme as my hanging birds.

Australian Kookaburra - Decorative hanging bird

Australian Magpie - Decorative hanging bird

 Oh,  I also set up my 'Etsy' shop JanWallacePottery is my search name on Etsy or just click here to be taken strainght to my online shop. Jan Wallace Pottery Etsy Shop

See I have been busy!

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