Saturday, 9 March 2013

Inspirational Road Trip

My husband, three year old daughter and I had a marvellous trip travelling around parts of Victoria recently. This is a short visual diary of our trip. We took hundreds of photographs, but I have chosen just a handful to show some of the great times we had along the way.

Apologies to those that usually follow my blog for pottery reasons. I am going to bore you today with some family pics as it's a great way for me to connect with family and friends about our holiday.

We were very impressed with Victoria. We visited many places along our journey and despite the fact that the countryside is starved of rain at the moment, its a beautiful state, with so many quaint, old fashioned, historic towns to drive through and so much open space in between. The major roads in and around Melbourne are fantastic and a pleasure experience in comparison to Sydney.
We left home and headed for Jervis Bay on the South Coast of NSW. We stayed for 3 days at a place called 'Green Patch' then from there drove to Jindabyne. We then travelled over Snowy Mountains and the 'Great Dividing Range' to Victoria. Melbourne for a quick visit, then along the 'Great Ocean Road', Ballarat, Bendigo, Echuca (Murray River) then home. Lots of pretty towns and places in between but basically that was our trip.

I am not going into length about our trip as it will bore the socks off you. Photos say it all, plus a few comments to go with them.

'Greenpatch' at Jervis Bay

Couldn't resist showing you this photo - one of Emily's many faces

                                 We did part of the Mt Kosciuszko walk - Mt Kosciuszko on the left in background

Anyone that knows my husband Glen, knows his passion is the weather. Weather station at the top of Thredbo

Glen carrying Emily 'again' on the Mt Kosciuszko walk

One of Emily's better faces ha ha...

Thredbo Chairlift

Beautiful CARPET of  plants layed the snowy mountains.
Photo doesn't do it justice but the textures were amazing.

One of our many campsites in our home away from home

The highlight of our trip was easily drive along the 'Great Ocean Road' to see the amazing 'Apostles'. You see photos on the internet and in books, but until you visit, you can't imagine how spectacular they are in real life.

Glen carrying Emily AGAIN

Great day spent at 'Sovereign Hill' - Glen caught Gold Fever lol


Town called 'Glenrowan' - The historical place of 'Ned Kelly's' Last Stand

An OMG moment - An Antique Shop in Bendigo
was selling a picture i made over ten years ago.
It travelled from NSW to Victoria and still looks great after all that time and travelling.

Great visit to 'Bendigo Pottery'

An old Paddle Steamer on the Murray River at Echuca
Went on a paddle steamer along the Murray. Emily loved it.

Clay impressions of Barnicles on the rocks at Jervis Bay to use in my clay work.

For me, other highlights included the opportunity to go to the 'Pottery Expo' at Warandyte. I had the pleasure of meeting so many inspirational potters including the lovely Adrianna from Mud Colony. Our visit to 'Bendigo Pottery' was also fantastic.

Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you enjoyed the journey.

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