Wednesday, 31 October 2012

So Much to Do........

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for reading my post today. Feeling a tad overwhelmed at the moment. You know what it's like when you know that you have a certain number of days until the next market. Which broken down into bits, means that you have stuff all time left to make, dry, fire, decorate and fire. Arghhh.... Anyway, BREATH IN, BREATH OUT...... it will all be okay. Well, that is what I keep telling myself.

I feel like I have a hundred and one things to do. YET, I keep making more things, just to make sure.

For those that read my last post, Mittagong Markets went quite well. It blew an ABSOLUTE GAIL all day which was horrible. If you attend markets with your work, you will sympothise with me about windy days at markets. It was my first time there as a stallholder, so I was not sure what to expect. I have not long been back on the market scene. Did it years ago when my eldest daughters (19 and 17) were little. Now that I am home with a 2yr old, I think I have time to do it all again. Hmmm.....

I have tried a few local craft markets in my area, but found that there just weren't enough people frequenting them. Times have changed. My biggest seller at the markets are these hanging birds.  I make Christmas decorations as well this time of year, which are also popular, but these little birds are my bread and butter. I guess they are pretty and CHEAP at $4 and $5. I probably sell them far too cheaply considering the time and effort that goes into making them but hey, they sell.

Ceramic Birds with underglaze & glaze, various other glazes and fired to Cone 6

Original drawings and cardboard templates that i made

I started out by making a few very basic bird shapes and have now expanded to include more detailed birds like Kingfisher, Cockatoo, Major Mitchell, Galah, Willy Wagtail and Parrots. They do take me alot longer, so I might add another few dollars to the price of the new ones?

Kingfisher's and Cockatoo's drying

Anyway, that's enough from me so head over to Mud Colony to see what everyone else has been up to this week. 


  1. I've been making holiday ornaments and wondering if they are going to sell for enough for the time I've put into them also. Maybe we all wonder that.

  2. Yes Lori, I think you are right. I find pricing a tough thing at the best of times. I end up asking my other family members what they would pay for something as if I accounted for all the time I put in when pricing things, I just would not sell anything lol. I make a heap of Xmas decs and only sell them for $4 each which is nothing. I would be interested to know what other people sell their xmas decs for?