Tuesday, 28 February 2012

'Old Oil Cans'

I decided to make a series of 'Old Oil Cans' recently. I just finished glazing and firing them last week and pretty happy with the results. I put finishing them on hold to make more pieces for 'Articles Fine Arts Gallery' Exhibition to be held in March. I used a Cone 6 glaze called 'Floating Red' but instead of dipping the glaze, I sprayed a light coat which turned out better than expected and they look just like rusty oil cans. The finish is matt, dry and rough to touch. This glaze is usually a variegated iron red, yellow to black, semi gloss glaze. Yellow where thinner and black were thicker. I have two variations of this recipe in my book. I used the second one. As you can see from the recipe, it has few ingredients and like any other glaze, application is the key and by spraying this and perhaps a cooler top temp, I achieved a good result.

Recipe Name: Floating Red

Cone: 6 Color: multicolored w iron red
Firing: Oxidation Surface: Glossy
Amount Ingredient
                                                      Amounts I Used
55       Gerstley Borate—1999          48
15       Talc                                     13
30       Silica                                   26

15 Iron Oxide—Red                   13.0

Collection of Ceramic Oil Cans

Oil Can 1 with sprayed 'Floating Red' Cone 6 glaze

Oil Can 2

Oil Can 3

Oil Can 4

Oil Can 5

Oil Can 6

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