Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Christmas Decorations ready for Next Craft Market

I have been out in the studio making various things for the next markets, but have really enjoyed making these gorgeous little Christmas Decorations. These make wonderful, inexpensive gifts. I write on the back in gold or silver pen to really personalise them when giving them away as gifts.

Peace Dove - Christmas Decoration or Wedding Favour

Handmade and Glazed Red Heart - Christmas Decoration or Wedding Favour

My next craft market will be at the 'Picton Creative Traders Market' on Sunday 4th December 2011. For further info go to

How They Are Made
  • I draw and cut out my own templates for these shapes, then cut around the template for each piece
  • I use my own hand made clay and plaster stamps for the impressed decoration
  • I make my own glazes and hand paint each piece
  • They are fired to 1200 deg centigrade to ensure that they are strong and durable
  • I can personalise each piece on special request

Wedding Favours / Bomboniere

I am looking at also making these for Wedding Gifts, Wedding Guest Keepsakes or Wedding Bomboniere. The little hearts, peace doves, birds and wedding bells in particular would work really well and I have a load of other ideas too (keep posted). They would all look great used on top of a table napkin on the wedding tables and can be given to the guest as a lovely wedding keepsake, doubling also as a Christmas tree decoration, just something to hang in a window or from a tree in the garden after the wedding day. On the day of the wedding, they can be hung from branches in vases as table centre pieces, or from the Bridal Money Tree to really add a splash of colour and add as a unique decoration idea. I can also see these being used to hang from a tree in the garden where the wedding ceremony is to take place for added decoration and to add to the mood and theme of the wedding. I could make smaller versions of these as little charms for the bridal bouquet to continue the theme of the wedding. If you are interested in any of these ideas for your special occasion or have a general sales enquiry, please email me at

White Glazed Bird - Christmas Decoration or Wedding Favour

Holly - Christmas Decoration

Glazed Christmas Tree

Bell - Christmas Tree Decoration or Wedding Favour
Peace Dove in Gold - Christmas Tree Decoration or Wedding Favour
Blue Glazed Heart - Christmas Tree Decoration or Wedding Favour
Red Glazed Peace Dove - Christmas Decoration or Wedding Favour
Well, it's back to the studio for me as I have more decorations to glaze and fire. Hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Please feel free to comment below or send me an email as I would love to hear from you.
Thanks. Jan

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