Sunday, 9 April 2017

Back to Blogging - Bit of an update

Hi there. Wow, I haven't blogged for about 3 years. The reason.... I had a baby and became very unwell with a digestive disorder. It's an auto immune disease called 'Inflammatory Bowel Disease'. I now have it under control (in remission), but dealing with a new baby, potting and life in general became a bit of a struggle at times. So, I had to prioritise a few things. I learned about my own health issues and became responsible for my own recovery. Regular GP's would have had me on strong medication for the rest of my life. But, after opting for alternate, more holistic approaches and getting back to the root cause, I am doing really well. Happy to say that I do not take prescribed med's at all any more, but eat as cleanly as possible, eliminated the things that caused me pain and problems (no gluten, lactose free), I take high strength probiotics, immune healing supplements and making sure that I make gut healing choices.

I still kept up with doing the majority of my ceramics, but not to the extent I would have liked due to feeling unwell. I kept up with orders, scratched going markets as it was too demanding on my health. It was more important to me to keep up with supplying to my retail customers, galleries and my online shop (Etsy). I enjoyed making a few more functional items too and really have some great ideas for the future which will incorporate my love for handmade ceramics and Australian native flora and fauna.

My Handmade Ceramic Native Australian Hanging Birds

I am very happy to say that there have been a few new birds since my last blog. Some I have pictured below aren't new but they are an improvement on the old design, so I have included them too.

Azure Kingfisher

Pink Breasted Robin

Eastern Rosella

White Breasted Sea Eagle

Wedge Tailed Eagle

Butcher Bird

Regent Bowerbird

Male and Female Superb Fairy Wren - Female is new

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo


Willy Wagtail

Sulphur Crested White Cockatoo

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

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