Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Recycling Things With a History

This week we have had our bi-annual Council Clean Up in our suburb. We always manage to find things to throw out as does everybody, BUT I always manage to accumulate a few MORE things much to the disappointment of my husband. He says I have a problem. I just love to look for things to save.

This time I managed to SAVE - A wonderful old fruit crate. It still has the original labels on it. The delivery label is also still on it too and it is dated 1970. I plan to use this on my market stall as a display item.

I also picked up a lovely old timber door with brass fittings. Picture of the door I found and a pic of the proposed project in store for the door below that.

Another great find was an old wooden ladder. One side, was completely broken, so I removed and replaced it with some oak we had left over from a reno project.  I sanded and oiled it and added some recycled hardwood fence pailings and made a great shelf display unit. I might use it as a display for my pots at the markets. Best of all, it cost me nothing.

Anyway, that is it from me for now. Super busy as I preparing for a market next weekend. If you want to drop by and pick up some nice Handmade Christmas presents, come and see me at Mittagong Markets on Saturday 15 December.

Why not drop by The Mud Colony to see what everyone else has been busy doing this week!


  1. I do the same thing :) I see useful stuff everywhere. Your blog post made me smile as well as gave me heart, thank you

  2. Great recylces....I think it comes with the territory!