Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Flowers in our Garden...

We have alot of flowering plants in our garden at this time of year, which really cheer up the place and make the garden look so pretty. It led me to think... why not have some all year round. So, I have been experimenting the last few days with making some in clay.  In the pics below, you will see I have made one on a pedestral which can be a fruit bowl, candle holder etc for indoors or have outside as a water dish for the birds. The others I have made to sit on a steel rod/pole and they will also have a leaf made from clay which can be glued to the pole. I will glaze them colourfully and group together for a better impact. I will post the glazed results when they are completely finished.

Standing Sculptural Flower

Sculptural Flower for steel rod

My daughter 19 months old - Budding artist at work
Sculptural piece with impressed patterns using old cogs,
wheels, bolts etc. Rusty steel rods, barbed wire
and an old fence post used for a base.

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