Sunday 9 April 2017

Back to Blogging - Bit of an update

Hi there. Wow, I haven't blogged for about 3 years. Trying to keep a bit more of a balance in my life has meant choosing to spend less time sitting at the computer.

I have also enjoyed making a few more functional items and found a little bit of time to do some raku pieces for my own enjoyment.

My Handmade Ceramic Native Australian Hanging Birds

I am very happy to say that there have been a few new birds since my last blog. Some I have pictured below aren't new but they are an improvement on the old design, so I have included them too.

Azure Kingfisher

Pink Breasted Robin

Eastern Rosella

White Breasted Sea Eagle

Wedge Tailed Eagle

Butcher Bird

Regent Bowerbird

Male and Female Superb Fairy Wren - Female is new

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo


Willy Wagtail

Sulphur Crested White Cockatoo

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

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Monday 10 November 2014

Eastern Yellow Robin or Yellow Breasted Robin

Another new bird. The  Eastern Yellow Robin or Yellow-Breasted  Robin.

I have a bit of a love for all birds in general (bet you couldn't have guessed lol) but robins and wrens really make my heart sing! So here is another little robin that I am sure you will love too.

A little bit about this little fellow.

Distribution: The Eastern Yellow Robin is confined to the east and south-east of the Australian mainland. The range is mostly along the coastal and adjacent areas, but does extend quite large distances inland in some areas.
Habitat: Eastern Yellow Robins are found in a wide range of habitats, from dry woodlands to rainforests. They are also common in parks and gardens, and are usually first seen perched on the side of a tree trunk or other low perch.
Seasonal movements: Altitudinal migration to lower areas in winter.

Eastern Yellow Robin - Ceramic Bird, Handmade by Jan Wallace
This little bird is now available from my Etsy shop. Click on the link on this page to be taken straight to my Etsy shop.


Tuesday 28 October 2014

Regent Bowerbird and New Gouldian Finch to Bird Range

Here are the latest additions to my little Australian native bird family. I have made the Gouldian finch before but was never quite happy with how it looked so left it out when it came to making my birds on a regular basis. This one is just a revised version that I am much happier with. The regent bowerbird was brought about as my hubby suggested I make this one.

Both are available from my Etsy shop (follow the Etsy link on the page). Or email me to ask what stockists have these birds in stock at present.

This is how I wrap my little treasures that you buy in my Etsy shop. Birds and sculptural pieces are wrapped in hand stamped paper and jewellery comes to you on a sweet little kraft box. If you would like to send a gift directly to a loved one, just mention this in the notes section of my Etsy checkout, include your note wording and I will send your gift directly to their door.

Jan Wallace Pottery Free Gift Wrapping

Regent Bowerbird
Gouldian Finch

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Black Cockatoo

Studio Update - Two new additions to my range of handmade Australian Native Birds. The Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo and the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo. Both have been requested by customers, so are now part of the family.

These are available from my Etsy shop along with some other cute additions. See below. Follow the link (Etsy Logo) on this blog page to be directed to my Etsy shop. Any requests for special orders, please feel free to email me.

Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Green Tree Frog Brooch

Rainbow Lorikeet Brooch

Waratah Brooch

Rainbow Lorikeet
This is how I wrap my little treasures that you buy in my Etsy shop. Birds and sculptural pieces, are wrapped in hand stamped paper and jewellery comes to you on a sweet little kraft box. If you would like to send a gift directly to a loved one, just mention this in the notes section of my Etsy checkout, include your note wording and I will send your gift directly to their door.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Adding to the Flock in more Ways Than One

Just a quick post today as it's been far too long. The past few months have been very busy. In the later stages of my pregnancy I was in the studio making as many birds as possible so that when our new baby was born I could time spend time with her and Emily.  Our gorgeous little 'Abbie' was born on 1 April. Yes, April fool's day. It really just makes her even more special. I went into hospital on the 31st and since I was induced that same day and being my forth child, we thought she would definitely be born on that day. Not the case and 'Abbie Elizabeth' was born on the afternoon of 1st April. Here's a picture with her big and very proud sister Emily (4).


A few new birds have been added to my range of  native Australian birds the last few months. I was asked by a customer on Etsy if I could make a Butcher Bird, a Wedge-tailed Eagle and a White Breasted Sea Eagle. So, as it usually happens, they are now a part of the flock. The butcherbird I will make on a regular basis that is for sure as it is already proving popular.

Some exciting news to share... A tourist outlet that is probably interested in carrying a range of my handmade ceramics in the Macarthur area. Hope it all comes together as I would like. Will know more in a few weeks.

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Time to be Creative Again. Hooray!

After the madness of pre-Christmas making in the studio, it was actually nice not to be making anything for a few weeks. I am more than ready to get back out there now, with a heap of creative ideas that are ready to flow.

I am sure you can relate when I say that Christmas was both exhausting and fun at the same time. Lots of gatherings, shopping, organising, cleaning up, going away and coming home to unpacking etc. It never seemed to end. It's madness. Even though it was a hectic time, we spent some quality family time with each other, which after all is what Christmas is about.

After Christmas, my husband and I made a conscious effort whilst on holidays from work, to do all those big and little jobs around the house and garden that we had been aware that needed doing for some time. With only ten weeks until our baby is due, I can now get back into the studio knowing that the list of things to do - 'Has Been Done'! All my nesting around the house, has been satisfied lol.

I now have a new list. A wonderful list of 'Creative Things To Do' in the studio.

Looking forward to what this year will bring creatively and personally.

Hoping that you have a wonderful 2014 too.

On my Creative List to do this year - Raku Firing!

Sunday 15 December 2013

Time to Wind Down for Christmas....

Christmas is only ten days away and my thoughts are straying away from the studio now to spending fun times over the Christmas period with family and friends, relaxing breaks away here and there in our little 30 year old caravan. It's been a very busy, but great year for my family and I am really looking forward to spending some quality time together.
I did my last firing for the year this week, so the kilns get a rest now until the new year. The studio will get a major clean over the Christmas break, my 'list of things to make' will get a work out and I will be ready for a fresh start in the New Year.

I am already contemplating what studio projects lay on the horizon for me next year. It's been sadly over a year since I did a raku firing or pit firing of any kind (how time flies), so that is something that has to make a revival in the new year for sure. I have been so busy with making my little birds, that time has been limited to taking on too many things at once, which is generally my nature. I usually have a million and one creative ideas in my head at any given time lol. 

Etsy has proved to be a successful avenue for me to sell my little birds and other treasures. I have been rushed off my feet in November and December in particular keeping up with photographing and listing new items, wrapping and posting parcels all over Australia. It's a great feeling to know that my birds are hanging in the gardens and homes of people all over the country.

Here are a couple of my newest Australian native birds, the 'Rainbow Lorikeet' and 'Australian Red Capped Robin'. I don't have any 'Rainbow Lorikeets' left in stock atm (flying out the door), but if you are interested in purchasing any, request a 'Custom Order via my Etsy shop. The robin however, is listed in my Etsy shop along with a selection of my other native birds.

I was also asked recently by a couple of different customer's if I could make a few of the English Robins. I decided to make extras and these were snapped up at markets in no time. I also have these in my Etsy shop (link on this blog to my Etsy shop)

Rainbow Lorikeet

Red Capped Robin

English Robin

I have just been befriended by a lady on facebook letting me know that a book we are both featured in has just been published so I have just purchased myself a copy online. The book is called 'Pit Firing Ceramics: Modern Methods, Ancient Traditions' by Dawn Whitehand. I was approached approx. two years ago by Dawn, and asked to submit photos of works and information to be featured in the book. I am looking forward to reading it and very excited to be included alongside other Pit Firing artists from all over the world. If you are into ceramics, this will prove to be a good book to add to your collection.

Hopefully, I will get back to write another post before Christmas, but if not, I am wishing everyone from all over the world a Very Happy, safe Christmas and a wonderful year ahead. What creative avenues are you pursuing in the New Year?